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When the ancient capital meets Jiuhua Mountain
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When the ancient capital meets Jiuhua Mountain




1Traveling by high-speed rail, there is no bumpy long drive.

2Zhanyuan, Confucius Temple and Jiuhua Mountain in the ancient capital finally entered the Guniujiang, which was far away from the noise, and it was quiet step by step.




Day 1: Ningbo-Nanjing-Jiuhua Mountain


Gather at the train station 30 minutes in advance, take the high-speed train to Nanjing, and visit the Daming Palace-Zhanyuan (the tour time is about 40 minutes). Zhanyuan is the only well-preserved and only open Ming Dynasty palace in Nanjing, with a history of more than 600 years. It was originally the palace given to Zhongshan Wang Xuda, the first hero of the founding of the People's Republic of China, after Zhu Yuanzhang proclaimed himself emperor. Visit Confucius Temple. Confucius Temple is a group of large-scale ancient buildings, which has experienced vicissitudes and thrived several times. It is a place for offering sacrifices to Confucius. It is one of the four major Confucian temples in China, known as Qinhuai Scenic Spot, and has become a characteristic landscape area of the ancient capital Nanjing. It is also a famous tourist attraction at home and abroad, and the largest traditional ancient market in China. At the same time, it is also a snack resort in Jinling. After a big meal, go to Nanjing Railway Station, take the high-speed train to Chizhou, and then take a bus to the hotel to check in.


Stay in Jiuhua Mountain for lunch and dinner.



The next day: Jiuhua Mountain-Shitai


After breakfast, transfer to the scenic bus line to go up the mountain (about 25 minutes' drive), visit the Kaishan ancestral temple-Huacheng Temple (Jiuhuashan Historical Relics Museum), visit the Body Hall (the largest Buddhist temple complex in Jiuhuashan, after the nirvana of the Tibetan Bodhisattva, the body is not rotted and safe, and disciples put it here) and go to the Zen Hall; After that, take the cable car or walk (5 minutes for one-way cable car, excluding queuing time/about 50 minutes for one-way walk) to Baisui Palace (to see the body of an innocent monk who died at the age of 126 in Ming Dynasty) and Wubai Luohan Hall, and visit Yunfang in Dongya and Bamboo Sea in Minyuan Garden on Feihong Bridge (the tour time is about 3.5 hours). Take the shuttle bus from the scenic spot to the Tiantai scenic spot (about 20 minutes' drive), take the cableway or walk (about 15 minutes for one-way ropeway, excluding queuing time/about 2 hours for one-way walk) to visit the ancient worship platform (hiding footprints and increasing happiness), climb to the highest peak of Tiantai, watch Dapeng listen to the natural scenery such as the Jingshi and the golden turtle facing the Beidou, and watch the Millennium Gu Song-Phoenix Pine, and then take the shuttle bus from the scenic spot to return to Xiaoxiao. Then go to Shitai (about 3 hours by car) and stay in the hotel.


Stay on the stone platform with breakfast, lunch and dinner.




Day 3: Shitai-Ningbo


After breakfast, visit the national nature reserve and AAAA-level scenic spot [Shitai Guniujiang Longmen Scenic Spot] (100 yuan/person +5 yuan/person takes about 2.5 hours to visit), including the first-class scenic spot, and then take the scenic spot to visit 5 yuan voluntarily: the "Yanjia Ancient Village" is inhabited by the descendants of Yan Ziling, a famous hermit in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and the typical ancient Huizhou residential buildings are well preserved. In the village, there are old mills, ancient ancestral temples and "slogan walls" with slogans of the Red Army going north to resist Japan until the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. "Lover's Valley" and "Four-fold Waterfall" are like a huge four-fold white practice hanging straight from the cliff wall, like snow and jade, with twists and turns, like scenic spots such as heaven and candle peak; Longmen Grand Canyon: Hippo playing crocodiles, "Longmentan" with blue waters, deep canyons, strange rocks everywhere, ancient trees covered, Baizhangyan, Rolling Stone Beach and other scenic spots, are called "Green Nature Museum" and "Animal Gene Bank" by ecologists because of their good original vegetation. Then go to Chizhou Railway Station (about 3 hours' drive), take G7086 (15: 42-17: 27) and transfer to D655 (18: 00-20: 48) in Nanjing to go to Ningbo, and return to your warm home after a pleasant trip.





Cost included


1. Big traffic: Ningbo-Nanjing-Chizhou round-trip high-speed rail ticket;

Local transportation: air-conditioned tour buses (including tolls and parking fees);

2. Tickets for scenic spots: the first ticket for the listed scenic spots.

3. Hotel standard: standard room (one room for 2 people);

4. Travel meals: the meals listed are 2 am and 5 am.

5. Tour guide service: professional tour guide service.

6. Travel insurance: personal accident insurance for tourists.



self-care expenses


1. Small traffic in scenic spots (purchased by yourself according to actual needs)

2. Others: Vehicles and guides are quoted by the whole group. If the number of people quoted is less than that, please make up the fare and guide fee.

3. Additional expenses caused by force majeure such as traffic delay, strike, weather, plane and machine failure, flight cancellation or change of time.

4. Personal consumption such as laundry, haircut, telephone, fax, pay TV, drinks, tobacco and alcohol in the hotel.

5. Other items not included in the above "expense inclusion".

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