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The Wizard of Oz and the Island of Windmills on the Qushan Island
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The Wizard of Oz and the Island of Windmills on the Qushan Island




1The Wizard of Oz, the windmill on the sea, gives you a picturesque scenery!

2Saltworks, mountains, fishing and bonfires give you a wonderful weekend!



Day 1: Everywhere-Dinghai Sanjiang Wharf


Set out at the right time, drive to Sanjiang Wharf in Dinghai, take a boat to Qushan Island (60 minutes by speedboat and 150 minutes by ferry), and arrive at Qushan Island (if it is an island car, take a free shuttle bus to the outside drop-off point after arriving at the wharf, and there are guides and vehicles waiting). After Chinese food, stay in the hotel, take a short rest, and go to the famous Jinsha Bay [Salon Beach] in the afternoon. In this golden bay, enjoy playing water and sand under the pure blue sky, play a hearty beach volleyball, and then swim in the water and pick up conch! Then go to [Big Windmill Sightseeing Platform]: This is the highest point in the northeast corner of the island, with a wide view and overlooking the beautiful scenery of the whole northeast corner. Every year in spring, summer and autumn, this piece of sea water is pure and green, which is even more charming against the blue sky. The unique charm of the 48 typhoon machine when it keeps rotating in the sunset is intoxicating.  


Stay in Qushan Island for lunch and dinner.




The next day: Qushan Island-Dinghai Sanjiang Wharf


Wake up naturally and visit Guanyin Mountain Scenic Area. The mountains, strange rocks, ancient temples and clouds in the scenic area complement each other, making people linger. Guanyin Mountain, 314 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Daishan County and the highest point to enjoy the panoramic view of Qushan Mountain. If you are lucky, you can be transformed into a fairyland by the sudden clouds. According to legend, Guanyin Bodhisattva practiced here for three years, hence its name. The Guanyin Bodhisattva enshrined in the ancient temple is quite effective. After that, go all the way to the Wizard of Oz, where wild flowers, weeds and sea breeze accompany you, and houses covered with green vines and beautiful scenery make you unable to move. Return by boat.


Including breakfast and lunch



Cost included

1. Big traffic: Dinghai Sanjiang Wharf-Qushan Island round-trip speedboat;

Local transportation: air-conditioned tour buses (including tolls and parking fees);

2. Tickets for scenic spots: the first ticket for the listed scenic spots.

3. Hotel standard: standard room (one room for 2 people);

4. Travel meals: The meals listed are 1 am and 3 am.

5. Tour guide service: professional tour guide service.

6. Travel insurance: personal accident insurance for tourists.


self-care expenses


1. Small traffic in scenic spots (purchased by yourself according to actual needs)

2. Others: Vehicles and guides are quoted by the whole group. If the number of people quoted is less than that, please make up the fare and guide fee.

3. Additional expenses caused by force majeure such as traffic delay, strike, weather, plane and machine failure, flight cancellation or change of time.

4. Personal consumption such as laundry, haircut, telephone, fax, pay TV, drinks, tobacco and alcohol in the hotel.

5. Other items not included in the above "expense inclusion".

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