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Tiantai meditation lets the mind down
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Tiantai meditation lets the mind down



Give yourself some time to settle down. Meditation, let us have peace of mind, and throw away our persistence.



Day 1: Ningbo-Tiantai

Set off at the designated place, go to the rooftop kokuseiji, and start to enter the meditation mode after arrival.


It's only about ten minutes' walk from the entrance of Guoqing Scenic Area to kokuseiji, but it's enough to slow down your steps and calm your heart.

Accustomed to high-rise buildings and reinforced concrete, when you first come to kokuseiji, you will feel as if you have traveled through time and space and suddenly broke into the Wizard of Oz. Whether it is on both sides of Guoqing Road or in kokuseiji, it is full of ancient trees. Walking on the quiet stone road, you can see everything, and the "Great Mercy Mantra" came from your ear, and your heart gradually slowed down and calmed down with your footsteps.


have peace of mind

Walking into the temple and walking everywhere, I only feel its solemnity, tranquility, depth and awe-inspiring charm. This ancient temple of the Sui Dynasty with a history of more than 1,400 years is surrounded by ancient trees and full of green eyes. Dozens of temples and pavilions form more than 30 courtyards. The design of the building complex is ingenious and exquisite.


burn incense

Strolling through kokuseiji, you will meet some devout believers and pilgrims who light a wick incense in the temple and pray silently, and then insert the incense into the incense burner in the rain and smoke in Ran Ran to worship the gods.



Hanging a bill to start a meditation program, pilgrims can also hang a bill to stay and taste vegetarian food. Meditation classes include meditation, incense and meditation. Meditation is what ordinary people call "meditation". There are also various methods for meditation in Buddhist culture, but in general, it is "one place to meditate and control the mind". From the perspective of health, meditation is to achieve the purpose of "quietness" by adjusting the body, mind and breath. On the one hand, it can dispel diseases, strengthen the body, cultivate sentiment, prolong life, and prevent and treat various diseases of the human body. On the other hand, it can also overcome the temptation of the outside world and the inner worldly desires's troubles, so that people's spirit can be focused and peaceful.


Stay in the temple for lunch and dinner.



The next day: Tiantai-Ningbo


Buddhism's concept of health preservation is that if "mind" and "sex" are repaired, we can get "Tao" into "Buddha" and live a long and healthy life. As the saying goes, sex exists in body and mind, and sex is bad for body and mind. Cultivating the mind has a lot in common with Xiu De's cultivation of Taoism. Buddhism advocates "goodness", is compassionate and cherishes all living things in the world. The attitude of being kind to life is the basis of the formation of Buddhist health care concept. To cultivate one's mind and cultivate one's nature, we must first cultivate a good moral sentiment, and deal with everything calmly in daily life, so that the qi of the human body will naturally be smooth and harmonious, and the mind will be bright and clear.


Of course, proper labor is also essential. Monks in kokuseiji will clean the temple, practice martial arts and cultivate vegetables every morning after the Buddhist ceremony. In sunny weather, they will also spread bamboo mats in the yard, dry herbs collected from the mountains and dried vegetables made by themselves, and be self-sufficient. Vegetarianism is the core content of Buddhist food culture. Buddhists especially emphasize that diet should be moderate, that is, neither too full nor too hungry, and at the same time require that diet must be on time.


Smell incense ten times a day, wash your heart and mind with incense in silence, and appreciate the way of life in meditation. For office workers who have lived in the city for a long time, being able to meditate behind closed doors in such a Buddhist situation not only gives the soul a rest and calmness, but also gives the soul a wash, as if practicing a "spiritual yoga."


Including breakfast and lunch


Cost included


1. Round-trip transportation: one person and one seat (including tolls and parking fees);

2. Tickets for scenic spots: the first ticket for the listed scenic spots.

Remarks: meditation expenses are self-care, and everything comes with fate.


self-care expenses

1. Small traffic in scenic spots (purchased by yourself according to actual needs)

2. Others: Vehicles and guides are quoted by the whole group. If the number of people quoted is less than that, please make up the fare and guide fee.

3. Additional expenses caused by force majeure such as traffic delay, strike, weather, plane and machine failure, flight cancellation or change of time.

4. Personal consumption such as laundry, haircut, telephone, fax, pay TV, drinks, tobacco and alcohol in the hotel.

5. Other items not included in the above "expense inclusion".

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