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Warm State-Landscape Leisure Tour
  • Adult Price: 999  Yuan
  • Child Price: 999   Yuan
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  • Line Type: Index    Meditation   
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Warm State-Landscape Leisure Tour



1Dongtou, the only 4A-level tourist area and national sea fishing base named after the county, has the reputation of "the county of 100 islands" and "the pearl of the East China Sea".

2Enter nanxi river, the hometown of China's landscape poems, and feel the beauty of water, rocks, villages, waterfalls and beaches.



Day 1: Ningbo-nanxi river


In the morning, set off for nanxi river at the designated place. After lunch, visit Lishui Street, the landmark building of ancient villages in nanxi river. There is a saying that "you have never been to nanxi river without visiting Lishui Street in Yantou". As one of the scenic spots in nanxi river, it shows a quaint style, and everything is so ancient and vicissitudes. After that, take the bus to nanxi river Jiuzhangdian Garden for free activities, and arrange [taking a bamboo raft] (the drifting time is not less than 30 minutes) to float on the river, overlooking the green hills, looking at the gloomy beaches and forests, overlooking the blue rivers and enjoying the mountains and rivers, which is refreshing. Return to the hotel for rest in the evening.


Stay in nanxi river for lunch and dinner.

The next day: nanxi river-Wenzhou


After breakfast, drive to nanxi river, which is 300 miles long (about 40 minutes' drive). nanxi river is famous for its beautiful water, strange rocks, many waterfalls, ancient villages and beautiful beaches and forests. It is the only national scenic spot in China known for its pastoral scenery. First, visit Yongjia Academy. After lunch, take a bus to Shijieyan Scenic Area. After the tour, go to Wenzhou and return to the hotel to have a rest.

Including breakfast, lunch and dinner Wenzhou


Day 3: Wenzhou-Dongtou-Wenzhou

After breakfast, take a bus to Dongtou (about 1.5 hours' drive), watch the Wudao Bridge Project and cross-sea long embankment along the way, and visit the landmark building Wanghai Building in Dongtou (about 1 hour's tour time). The floor is bright and dark, with a height of 35.4 meters. It faces south and is located at the highest point of Dongtou Island. Send the delegation in time in the afternoon and end the happy trip! In the afternoon, visit the marine bonsai garden [Xiandieyan Scenic Area] (the tour time is about 1.5 hours): Pearl Reef, Xiaoshan Gorge and national fishing port. Cross the glass plank road and go directly to Dashaao Beach for free activities. Return to Wenzhou in due course. Check into the hotel and rest.


Including breakfast, lunch and dinner: Wenzhou


Day 4: Wenzhou-Ningbo


After breakfast, visit [Jiangxinyu], one of the four famous islands in China, the famous island of poetry (not less than 1 hour). The places of visit: Jiangxin Twin Towers, Jiangxin Temple, Jiangxin Garden, Couple Tree and Haoran Building. After [Nantang Street] free activities (not less than 1 hour), return to Ningbo in due course and end the pleasant trip!


Including breakfast and lunch



Cost included


1. Round-trip transportation: one person and one seat (including tolls and parking fees);

2. Tickets for scenic spots: the first ticket for the listed scenic spots.

3. Hotel standard: standard room (one room for 2 people);

4. Travel meals: The meals listed are 3 am and 7 am.

5. Tour guide service: professional tour guide service.

6. Travel insurance: personal accident insurance for tourists.



self-care expenses

1. Small traffic in scenic spots (purchased by yourself according to actual needs)

2. Others: Vehicles and guides are quoted by the whole group. If the number of people quoted is less than that, please make up the fare and guide fee.

3. Additional expenses caused by force majeure such as traffic delay, strike, weather, plane and machine failure, flight cancellation or change of time.

4. Personal consumption such as laundry, haircut, telephone, fax, pay TV, drinks, tobacco and alcohol in the hotel.

5. Other items not included in the above "expense inclusion".

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