The Start of Maritime Silk Road - Quanzhou
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Duration: 4 days/3 nights
•Experience the real Minnan culture, and enjoy the special buildings here —the earth building.
•Chongwu ancient city — An ancient city with coastal scenery, historical relics, folk customs and engraving art.
•The start of Maritime Silk Road , Kaiyuan temple , Earth building ... to exploring the ancient city of mystery.
Day 1 Home To Quanzhou
Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple——the largest Tantric Temple in the south area of China. It is a temple rich in culture and history, and has kept many important historical sites of Quanzhou 's ancient maritime Silk Road .
Then go to the old street in Quanzhou——the West Street. As early as the Song Dynasty, it had symbolized the prosperity of Quanzhou. Also here has many well preserved ancient buildings and you can enjoy different kinds of Quanzhou flavored snacks.

Day 2 Quanzhou To Nanjing
Today we are going to Nanjing to have a look at the earth buildings of Hakka——the Tianluokeng earth building cluster and to see the oldest earth building——Yuchanglou, it’s also called “mother of the earth building”.
The last spot is Ta Xia Village, it’s like land of idyllic beauty.

Day 3 Quanzhou
This day you can experience the real Minnan culture . Yuanhe 1916 cultural and Creative Industrial Park. With the idea of “reservation and repair”, 1916 By injecting new elements ,repaired the famous candied fruit plant “Yuanhe Tang” and made it became Quanzhou cultural industry creative park.
Day 4 Quanzhou To Home
Today is the last day in Quanzhou, we are going to visit Chongwu ancient city. You can walk on the beach, enjoy the son shine, also you can see the famous “Huian girl”!
After lunch we are going back to your warm home. Service ends.
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