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Lishui Self-drive Leisure Trip
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Lishui Self-drive Leisure Trip



Duration:  3 days/ 2 nights

Destinations: Xiandu, Jinyun

Route Design Concept: This gorgeous self-drive route offers you a chance to have a date with the most beautiful fairyland in Zhejiang. This time we focus on Xiandu and Jinyun County of Lishui City. Take some natural-like photos without any modification, go camping on the top of the highest peak of Southeast Zhejiang coastal area and have a taste of the most authentic local snacks.



Day1: Home -- Xiandu (Self-drive)


Assembled at named place and transfer to Lishui City. After arrival, your first peek into this fairyland will be Dinghu Peak, which shapes like a bamboo shoots after rain so has been longtime  reputed as the highest bamboo peak in the world. Hiking along the trails, you will easily indulge in green trees,tender river and fresh air here and also will wonder its ponds among green pines and verdant cypresses, placid but inexhaustible.



Your lunch today will be village cuisines.

Afterwards, head for Zhutan Mountain, which is the best part of whole Xiandu Scenic Spot according to local people’s recommendation and known as its beautiful reflection of Xiandu for shutterbug. It is said that Zhu Xi, a famous poet of Song Dynasty, used to go sailing here during his study tour so hence the name. And the best viewing point of Zhutan Mountain is Xian Di, where you can command a spectacular view of a mixture of Xiandu natural landscape and idyllic scenery. If you are lucky, you can use your lens to capture the renown image of “Old Oxen Plough Field” by standing on Baisui Bridge.



Later transfer to Dayang Mountain and stay overnight, which is the best campsite to enjoy a grand view of the sea of clouds. With the height of 1500 meters, Dayang Mountain is considered as the highest peak of Southeast Zhejiang coastal area, without large-scale development so far and still maintaining its primitive simplicity. Standing on the top of the hill, you can enjoy the sight of cows grazing and grass swinging everywhere.



Tonight dinner will be Dayang specialties here. Braised mutton in soy sauce, mountain vegetable in season, fresh water fish and glutinous rice dumpling are all will be on your recommendation list.



Day 2: Xiandu -- Jinyun (Self-drive)

If you can get up early today, I recommend you to watch a sunrise on Dayang Mountain. After breakfast, pay a visit to Dragon scenic spot.


Then setting out to Jinyun County to seek for the most authentic local snacks to fill your empty stomach. As everyone knows, Jinyun clay oven rolls are known far and wide. However, there are still many other delicious choice to feed your great appetite, such as Jinyun Shelduck, crystal fried potato chips, dry vegetable tofu and so on. And local people favorite food is traditional noodles, with some stir-fried shredded pork and two fried eggs.



After lunch and have a short break, pay a visit to Yanxia Stone village, which features the well-preserved stone architecture and enjoys a high reputation for its intensive distribution of traditional stone village . Due to its unique and rare stone room, stone bridge,stone alley, stone temple and ancient trees, Yanxia Stone Village mesmerizes groups of art students annually.



Stay overnight in Jinyun County.


Day 3: Jinyun -- Home (Self-drive)

After breakfast, transfer to your warm home. Service ends.



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