Hangzhou Two Day's Trip -- a close contact with G20
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In this tour, I will not only bring you to cycle around the legendary West Lake but also take a short cruise on it to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou ( one of the most beautiful cities in China). In addition, you will also head to Qianjiang District, the new CBD of Hangzhou and pay a visit to Hangzhou G20 Conference Venues to explore another quite new face of Hangzhou.
From now on, together with U Tour, have a date with history, culture and scenery of south of the Yangtze River.
Day 1: Home -- Hangzhou
Assemble at named place, then transferred to Hangzhou, one of the seven ancient capitals of China, which has long been known as “Paradise above,Suzhou and Hangzhou below”.

Our included city sightseeing tour will begin with a cycle trip around the picturesque West Lake, which is said to be created from a pearl dropped by a phoenix and a dragon, and proclaimed by the Chinese "the landscape composed by a painter".

Afterwards, you will take a short cruise on West Lake, which is an inspiration to numerous painters and poets with her natural and historical beauty. You will explore the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon and the Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, both of which are famous spots of 'Ten Scenes of the West Lake'.

Lake in the afternoon,we will take an excursion along Qinghefang Historical Street, which has a contact with the marketplaces and the civil customs in this ancient street. There are more than 100 stores of tea, Chinese medicine, silk, foods, curios, paintings and collections.

After a delicious dinner and a short break, we will walk back West Lake Scenic Area. Along the way, we will stroll around and appreciate fascinating and wonderful night scene of West Lake, which is elaborately decorated for G20. Then we will also enjoy stunning musical spring show on West Lake.

Day 2: Hangzhou -- Home
Our new day’s sightseeing tour will begin with a visit to Qianjiang District, Hangzhou new CBD, Hangzhou G20 Conference Venues, which is quite different from the traditional Hangzhou. We will explore another style of Hangzhou -- modern, sophisticated and pulsating. Here will soon become a new name card of Hangzhou and the center of political, economical, cultural and financial of Hangzhou in the future.
The real highlight of our trip today is that we will have a close contact with the main stadium of G20 Summit -- Hangzhou International Conference Center, occupied 170 thousand square meters, equipped with 20 function blocks and available for 6000 people.

Afterwards, we will head to China Academy of Art, where China’s first lady Mrs. Peng invited other ladies of G20 delegations to take part in public affairs and appreciate inherent charm of Chinese culture together here. Besides, it is the unique site for national key disciplines design-art branch of China and it is also the only Chinese art college recognized by UNESCO.

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