Red Lantern Grandma’s Home & Thousand-Island Lake Two Day’s Trip
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♦ Experience local customs and admire beautiful rural scenery in unique Red Lantern Grandma’s Home
♦ Pay a visit to Thousand-Island Lake, known as the lake with the largest number of islands in the world
♦ Cycle around Thousand Island Lake, regarded as “the most beautiful cycling route of China”
♦ Visit to Nongfu Spring Tea Garden, the largest beverage production basement of Asia 
Day 1: Home -- Tonglu
Assemble at named place and our trip will begin with a visit to the Red Lantern Village Scenic Spot, whose artistic conception according to a proverb in south of the Yangtze River, “ If you want to have a good meal, go to your mother-in-law’s home while if you want to have a nice play, then go to your grandma’s home”. With a coverage of 110 thousand square meters and equipped with more than 30 sightseeing spots, you will achieve a special experience here.
And today’s lunch will be local special dishes of Grandma’s House, the most authentic rural flavor.

Afterwards, transferred to Thousand-Island Lake, the garden of the Yangtze River Delta. With 1078 islands, it is also known as the Best Water Land in the World, combining with Thousand Islands of Canada and Immortal Island of Hubei Province to as the world three largest thousand-island lake.

Day 2: Tonglu -- Thousand-Island Lake
Today’s trip begins with an early get-up, then it’s on to cycle around Thousand-Island Lake, which is a preferred destination for many bike enthusiasts due to its special natural tourism resources and excellent environment. Now, there are 7 cycling routes available for your choice. Along the way, beautiful natural scenery, dotted with several ancient villages presents you an idyllic world.
Recommended route: Thousand-Island Square -- North Huanhu Road -- Pearl Peninsula -- Double Tunnels & Double Bridges -- South Huanhu Road -- Thousand-Island Square
Route features: Along the total 15 kilometers, you can appreciate charming Thousand-Island Town and enjoy fantastic Thousand-Island scenery. And this route is also the most popular choice for those bike fans, combing with bodybuilding,experience and leisure, suitable for everyone.
Disadvantage: Cars on this route are relatively more than other routes, more interference. More attention is needed to your safety.
Sightseeing Spots: Diaoyu Island, Tour Terminal, Double Tunnel & Double Bridges and so on.

After a lunch and short break, pay a visit to Nongfu Spring Tea Garden, the largest production basement of Nongfu Spring and the largest beverage production basement of Asia. With a total coverage of 100 thousand square meters, you will have a chance to take a closer look at their 8 advanced international production lines.

Then back to your warm home. Service ends.
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