Yiwu Ningbo Leisure Three Day’s Trip
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♦ Zhuge Ancient Village -- the largest residences of Zhu Geliang’s descendants once a famous politician and strategist in Three Kingdoms Period.
♦ Take a boat to explore Double Dragon Cave, your very choice for hot summer
♦ Cycling around Zhejiang largest natural freshwater lake -- Dongqian Lake
♦ Walking around Nantang Ancient Street to look for the authentic and unique Ningbo flavor 
Day 1: Home -- Lanxi
After breakfast, we start the day with a visit to Zhege Ancient Village in Lanxi County, the largest residences of Zhu Geliang’s descendants ever discovered. The space layout of whole village is according to Chinese traditional Eight Diagrams Figure and the village well-preserves large amount of ancient residents of Ming and Qing Dynasty, known as the most unique and incomparable village in China.

Afterwards, we travel to the Double Dragon Cave, name after its two dragon-like stalactite outside the cave. With a height of 520 meters an annual average temperature of 18 degrees, it is your very choice for hot summer. Taking a boat into deep caves one after another, you will feel like in a fairy land -- inside fancy stalactites, stalagmites and columns will are waiting for your exploration. Then you will be transferred to Ningbo for next two-night stay.

After arrival and a short break, you can go to Ningbo Bund for your night leisure, which has already has hundreds years history. Located in the downtown of Ningbo and at the junction of Yong River, Fenghua River and Yuyao River, it once was one of the busiest and bustling port since Tang and Song Dynasty. Now it already becomes Ningbo’s famous riverside boulevard.

Day 2: Ningbo
Today’s arrangement will be more leisure and free. After a good rest and nice lunch, we will pay a visit to oldest existing private library of China and Asia-- Tianyi Pavilion Library, which is also regarded as one of world’s three oldest libraries kept by a family. With over 300 thousand collection of highly-valued ancient books and documents, occupied 26 thousand square meters, Tianyi Pavilion has been reputed to be the "city of books in South China" for centuries.

Then go to Nantang Ancient Street, once the business and culture gathering place in Ningbo history, ranks among the eight famous historic district in Ningbo. With a integrity preservation of 500 meters traditional street and a perfect wedge of historical charm, architectural characteristics and celebrity culture, Nantang Ancient Street is a perfect reappearance of Ningbo people’s trading, bargain and daily routines for centuries. And now it already become a wonderland of foodies. Along both sides of the whole street are various kinds of authentic Ningbo specialties and you can try everything to your heart’s content.

Day 3: Ningbo Dongqian Lake
After breakfast, pay a visit to Dongqian Lake, also named Qian Lake or Wanjin Lake, is the largest freshwater lake in Zhejiang province. Consisting of Guzi Lake, Mei Lake and external lake, totally 45 kilometers around the whole lake which is 4 times larger than West Lake in Hangzhou, Dongqian Lake once known as “ the first lake of East China” and also glorified by Guo Moruo, a famous modern writer, “ as beautiful as West Lake, as awe-inspiring as Tai Lake”.

We recommend that you can try cycling around Dongqian Lake.
The cycling route around Dongqian consists of the bigger one, totally 45KM and costing about 3 hours and the smaller one, totally 20KM. Along the whole way, you will enjoy charming nature scenery and fascinating sights. you can stop as you want and take some photos as a memory.

Afterwards, head for Stone-carving Park, located besides Dongqian Lake, at the junction of Water Village and Henjie Village. Surrounded by green mountains and covering an area of 6.64 hectare, Stone-carving Park is known as a fairy land of Chinese traditional geomantic culture. Totally more than 200 carved-stone artworks in the park mainly consists of the Southern Song Dynasty works , partly of Ming and Qing Dynasty, which features accurate appearance, expressive face and varied in size and shape.

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