Jinhua Ancient City Exploration Trip
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  • departure city: Ningbo    
  • Line type:   East China    Jinhua
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Duration: 1 days
Destinations: Jinhua
★ A full exploration of Jinhua, a national historical & culture city with the concentrated distribution of antique architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasty
★ Pay a visit to Jinhua comprehensive museum to acquaint with profound Chinese culture
★ Try local specialties and feed your appetite to your heart’ content; Jinhua flaky bread, Jinhua ham, Jinhua bergamot, Jinhua steamed buns and other snacks are all will be your very choice to take.

Day 1: Yiwu -- Jinhua
Assemble at named place and transfer to Jinhua Ancient City,which is the oldest part of Jinhua city with a history of more than 3000 years renowned visitors over for its antique and ancient architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasty.  

                                  Baoding Gate                                                Memorial Archway in Old Street                                                         Old Plaque
Your first peek into this ancient city starts from Baoning Gate,with a history of over 1700 years, which is once an important gateway of ancient Jinhua City and with a moral of happiness and well-being. In order to let the charm of classical city reappear in front of visitors, Baoding Gate was rebuilt in 2004 to give a brand new appearance to welcome your visit.                                    

     Shenyue,one of Southern Dynasties governors                  Liqingzhao, a poetess of Song Dynasty                               Prime Examination House

         Memorial Hall of Taiwan Volunteer Group                                              Li shixian                                                             General Li Youbang
Afterwards, go to Shiwang Mansion, with rich relics and works of art, is the largest and most well-preserved site among all domestic existing sites of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. In front of the mansion, each about a millennium cypress tree, which said that it was build by the King of Qing, the ruler of Wuyue Dynasty.
Then, heading for Bayong House, which is renown for a poem made by Li Qingzhao, the famous female poet in Song Dynasty.

                     The Gate of Shiwang Mansion                                                   Baoyong House                                      The Hall of Chenwang Temple
 Ancient Cypress 

Jinhua Museum, with rich relics and more than 37000 ancient books, consists of 5 exhibition halls to introduce Jinhua from different perspectives: Antique Wuchen Hall, with perspective of history; Magic Earth Hall, with a perspective of geology; Local Custom Hall, with a perspective of ancient villages; Factory County Hall, with a perspective of business civilization and Poem Heritage Hall, with a perspective of literature and art. As an important landmark of Jinhua, a window of material and spiritual civilization and a cultural homestead of numerous visitors, Jinhua Museum welcomes your visiting at any time.

                                                                                                                   Jinhua Museum
                                                                                                                  Jinhua Specialties
After finishing the exploration of ancient Jinhua, bring Jinhua ham and Jinhua clay oven rolls as souvenirs back home. Service ends.
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 Guide service
 Air-conditioned touring bus
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 Meals fees
 Entrance tickets for Bayong Pavilion (10RMB/Person) and Shiwang Pavilion (16RMB/Person)
 Fees for excluded activities and service


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