Travel to Beijing
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  • Children's price:  ¥1666  
  • departure city: Ningbo    
  • Line type:   Tour China    Beijing
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Day 1: Ningbo—Beijing & The temple of Heaven                                                                                               L (undetermined), D
Dwelling place: Business Hotel
Please bring your ID cards and assemble at the named place, and then we’ll drive you to the Ningbo Airport and fly to the capital, Beijing.
After lunch, visit the biggest complex Temple of Haven, whose buildings are used by Emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties to offer sacrifice to God.
As for dinner, you can go to taste the special Peking Roast Duck in Quanjude (a famous restaurant in Beijing) on your own.

                                                                                                     Temple of Heaven

Day 2: Tain’an men Square, Prince Gong’s Palace, Qianmen Street                                                                                            B, L, D
Dwelling place: Business Hotel
After breakfast, go to visit the monument of Chairman Mao, and travel around the biggest city central square—Tian’an men Square, where you can admire the majestic monument to the People’s Heroes. And then you can see closely the biggest palace complex, the Imperial Palace, which is also called the Forbidden City. Known as the supreme one of the world’s five biggest palaces, in China, it is a museum of the richest cultural relics; in the world, it is a famous museum of ancient culture and art.
After lunch, tour around the famous protection zones of alleyways and the Chinese traditional rectangular courtyards by tricycle, and visit the greedy official He Shen’s personal house— Prince Gong’s Palace, which is a typical palace in Qing Dynasty.
Next, go to the refined Qianmen Street. Strolling along Dashilan, eating food at Xianyukou Food Street, visiting grey-bricked old and famous Chinese shops and appreciating original old Beijing’s buildings, you can feel the prosperity of old Beijing and experience special Beijing Culture.

                                            Tian’an men Square                                                                                     Prince Gong’s Palace

Day 3: Badaling Great Wall, Dingling, Olympic Park, Chaoyang Theater                                                                                        B, L, D
Dwelling place: Business hotel
After breakfast, you’ll set off for the Badaling Great Wall. It is the most famous session of the Great Wall which is one of the World’s Seven Wonders. And Chairman Mao once said, if you never come to the Great Wall, you are not a good man.
After lunch, you will tour around Dingling (the tomb of the tenth emperor of Ming Dynasty). It is one of the Ming Tombs (tombs of thirteen Emperors of Ming Dynasty) and is the biggest tomb complex for emperors.
And then you can go to see the main center for the Olympics from the outside. There you can also see the national stadium—Bird’s Nest, and admire the national swimming center—Water Cube. You can look around and take photos freely.
Next, go to visit Beijing Chaoyang Theater, where you can appreciate the excellent and brilliant acrobatics which were designed for Beijing Olympic Games specially. You can look around this place but all the fees should be paid by yourself.

                                           Badaling Great Wall                                                                                                        Ming Tombs
Day 4: Xiangshan Park (located in Drum Tower), Summer Palace                                                                                                    B, L, D
Dwelling place: Business hotel
After breakfast, you will go to visit the Cultural Museum located in Drum Tower, where you can learn the history of Beijing City and ancient Chinese geomancy culture of buildings.
Then you’ll set off for the famous Xiangshan Park to admire the beautiful scene where all the pine leaves become red.
Next you will tour on the royal river by a gaily-painted dragon boat to get a feeling of traveling amid clouds and paintings. Along this river, you will see the Kunming Lake and Summer Palace. It is a good chance to be treated as emperors and queen mothers.
Later, you can walk around the Summer Palace, which is the world biggest and classic royal garden.
Day 5: Beijing—Ningbo                                                                                                                                                                                    B
After breakfast, you’ll be driven to the airport and fly back to Ningbio. Then your joyful trip is over.
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★ Air-conditioned touring bus
★ Entrance tickets for every scenic spot (special tickets are not included)
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