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Day 1: Ningbo—Chengdu                                        
Living in Chengdu
Pack up your luggage and fly to the heaven of food junkies—Chengdu, where you can slow your pace and enjoy a leisurely life.
Day 2: Base of Giant Panda—Broad Narrow Alley                     
Living in Chengdu
In the morning, you’ll be driven to the base of giant panda, which is for protecting endangered wild pandas and a world-level breeding and research station located in the northern suburb of Chengdu (2 hours). There you can visit the sector of giant pandas, the sector of butterflies, the sector of small pandas, the living areas of wild giant pandas and the delivery room.

                                              Base of Giant Panda                                                                                          Wuhou Memorial Temple

After lunch you’ll go to visit the Wuhou Memorial Temple, where you can have a vivid feeling of the line Where is the famous premier’s temple to be found? Outside the Town of Brocade with cypresses around and experience the famous culture of Three Kingdoms. Meanwhile, you can have a command of the legendary life of Zhuge Liang, a distinguished person of the Three Kingdoms, who had devoted all his life to his country.
The next destination is the famous ancient cultural street, Jinli. Located in the west of Sichuan, you’ll learn the lifestyle and living condition of the old Chengdu. And its deep classic culture, namely shadow puppet play, sugar figure blowing art and clay figure making art.
At night, you can explore the Broad Narrow Alley freely. With broad alley not too broad and narrow alley not too narrow, this place represents Chengdu and its living condition, and contains people’s beautiful memories of this city. It shows the tolerance, easiness, leisure as well as the vicissitudes of the old Chengdu, and makes you understand why people say Chengdu is a place you’ll not want to leave after your arrival.
                                                      Jinli Street                                                                                                Broad Narrow Alley
Day 3
Sleep till your body clock rings and fly back to Ningbo.
Suggestions for delicious food in Chengdu
When we talk about Chengdu, we must think of the delicious food except for those beautiful and youthful girls, especially for those food junkies Now let’s see what we can eat in Chengdu!
Hot and sour Tofu Pudding:
It is a famous snack in Chengdu and Leshan. It is a folk snack of a long history which was usually sold by men carrying shoulder poles, and is very popular in cities and rural areas. Of course, hot and sour Tofu pudding is one kind of Tofu puddings, which is made by pouring the sauce—a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, pepper and monosodium glutamate—to the prepared Tofu and then scattering the bean sprouts dust, soy beans, swede dust and chopped green onion. Sour and hot, fresh and savory, this dish is really tasty and of a special flavor.

Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chilli Sauce:
Red, soft, savory and hot, it is well known to Sichuan people. And it is really appetizing with a color of red and green. When a large newly mixed dish is presented, it is of a bright red color. And when you try it, it tastes spicy, soft, tender and chewy. It is said that in the 1930s, there was a young man named Guo Chaohua in a small city of Chengdu. He, together with his wife, made a living by selling cold sliced beef tongue in sauce. The couple did this business by themselves, walking through streets and alleys and hawking their wares. And because the cold sliced beef tongue was delicate and of a special flavor, everyone loved it. In order to make this dish different from other sliced beef tongue, people call it Fuqi Feipian.

Guo Kui:
What is Guo Kui? Sichuan is a kingdom of Guo Kui. You can find this snack in every town and city. And everyone, no matter which social classes he belongs to, loves it. There are more than 30 kinds of Guo Kui in Chengdu with different tastes, ingredients and making processes. And you can find it everywhere, on the famous snack bars along the streets or in the decent restaurants. And with so many fans, it is of diverse eating ways, as breakfast, snacks or side dishes. Here is a choice for you. Eat it with pock intestine noodles. A bite of noodles with a bite of Guo Kui, it is really a satisfying meal. Or you can dip the sliced Guo Kui into the soup, which is also very delicious.

Mao Cai:
It is special dish in Chengdu. The word Mao here is a verb. First prepare a pot of hot and spicy soup and put those vegetables into a bamboo spoon, usually one spoon per dish. Then boil the vegetables in the pot. Next ladle the vegetables and soup out in the bowl. Finally scatter some sliced onion, coriander and fermented soya beans. The famous snack Mao Cai is done. To make it simple, Mao Cai is a special type of chafing-dish for one person, and chafing-dish is a special kind of Mao Cai for a group of people.

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