One Day Trip to Hangzhou
  • Adult Price:  ¥180  
  • Children's price:  ¥180  
  • departure city: Ningbo    
  • Line type:   East China    Hangzhou
  • Reservations:  0574-27655595
Day 1 Ningbo—Hangzhou                                                                                                                                                                                 L 
In the morning, please assemble at the named place. And you will be driven to the West Lake—the cultural heritage in the world.
Then you will go to the Nanshan Road, which is called the living room of this city and the best place to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the West Lake. Standing there, you’ll feel the West Lake is encircled on three sides by mountains and one side by land.
Next, you can ramble around the West Lake, seeing scenic spots like the Taurus Pool and five decorated archways in Qianwang’s Temple. Then you can take a boat trip in the lake to get a feeling of traveling among pictures, admiring scenes such as three pools mirroring the moon, Leifeng Pagoda, Spring Dawn at Su Causeway and viewing fish at Flower Pond.
And your next destination is Xixi Wetland. There, you can travel around Hong’s house, and visit Long She Zui, the old street in Qinghe Fang and Hu Qing Yu Tang, a famous Chinese medicine shop. Besides, you may also see the scenes like reeds drifting on the lake, the red color of persimmons reflected in the lake, and dragon boats sailing on the lake.
Then your joyful trip will be ended after visiting the Southern Song Imperial Street.

                                              Xiao Ying Zhou                                                                                          Spring Dawn at Su Causeway

                                                Breeze-ruffled Lotus                                                        Leifeng Pagoda Bathed in the Rays of the Setting Sun

Included fees:
fees for the air-conditioned touring bus
Fees for every included activities. If any touring activities are not covered at end, the relative fees will be returned to you (50RMB will be returned to people beyond 60 and 150, people beyond 70).
fees for lunch
for children only fees for the touring bus and guide service are included
Excluded fees
insurance against accident: 3RMB per person per day
fees for excluded activities
fees for excluded service
personal shopping fees
▲ This is for the joint groups, if you want to join a single group, the price is different.
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