Two Day's Trip to Putuo
  • Adult Price:  ¥578  
  • Children's price:  ¥578  
  • departure city: Ningbo    
  • Line type:   East China    Ningbo
  • Reservations:  0574-27655595
Day 1: Ningbo—Mount Putuo                                                                                                                                                                                   L, D
Dwelling place: farmhouse in Mount Putuo, 2 to 3 persons per room
Take a boat to Mount Putuo. It is one of the four Holy Buddhist Mountains and a sacred place by the South Sea, where Guanyin Bodhisattva preaches. When on this island, you can see the statue of Monk Meicen and walk to the Xitian Scenic Spot, a place for Guanyin Bodhisattva to perform rites. There, you can have a view of the statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva holding a willow twig in her hand and visit the ancient Guanyin Cave, where all the statues show the 25 ways for Buddha to get insight. Besides, you can touch the feet of those Buddhists in the Meifu Nunnery to bring yourself luck. Also you can see a lot of bizarre stones, such as the one in a shape of two tortoises listening to preaching, the one named Pantuo stone which is the landmark of Mount Putuo and the World First Stone, and the one named Xinzi Stone (the Chinese character for heart is carved on it) which can refresh your heart.
After lunch, look around the biggest temple in Mount Putuo—Puji Temple, where 8 Buddhist Palaces lie, including Yuantong Palace, and pray before the first Guanyin statue in China, named Pilu Guanyin, for your family. Then visit the Haiyin Pool and the Yubei Pavilion, and walk along the sightseeing lane to the fairyland by the South Sea to worship Guanyin Bodhisattva stands and Buddhist Luojiashan lying far on the sea.
Then, take the bus to the back of the mountain and go around the Baotuo Temple—the fourth biggest temple, and watch the Wanfo Tower standing far away in the distance.
After dinner, you will live in the nearby Luojia post house.

                                 Pantuo Stone                                                             Xinzi Stone                                                         Statue of Guanyin
Day 2: Mount Putuo—Ningbo                                                                                                                                                                                     B, L
After breakfast, l go to visit the Foding Mountain located at the crest of Mount Putuo by telpher and walk around the third biggest Temple—Huiji Temple. There, you can see the hornbeams, which now only grow at that place. Later, you will walk downhill by the ancient lane, along which you can see sceneries such as a huge Buddhist Stone and Yunfu Stone.
After lunch, you will go to visit the second biggest temple, Fayu Temple, admiring the cubic ceiling adornment of nine dragons, which is one of the only three kinds of dragon designs remained in China.
Next you’ll go to the Qianbu Beach and appreciate the beautiful sea. Then go back to Ningbo and your joyful travel is over.

                                Fayu Temple                                                     Huiji Temple                                                                     Qianbu Beach

Included Fees
★ Fee for uphill telpher
★ All the included traffic fees
★ Entrance tickets for Mount Putuo, Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple & fees for admiring the Guanyin statues located over South Sea
★ Included meals (B: 10 Yuan per person, L & D: 25 Yuan per person)
★ Insurance against accidents (3 Yuan per person per day)
★ Fees for residence
★ Kid’s price (1m-1.2m) including fees for air-conditioned touring bus, half fee for the meals (42 Yuan) & half fee for the boat
★ Children’s price (1.2m-1.4m) including half fee for the mountain gate ticket, air-conditioned touring bus fees, traffic fees on the island, half fee for the meals (42 Yuan), half fee for the boat and half fee for uphill telpher.
Excluded fees
★ Fees for excluded activities
★ Personal shopping fees
★ Fees for excluded service
This is for the joint groups, if you want to join a single group, the price is different.

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