A Sweet, Romantic Trip to Xitang & Afición Chocolate Manor
  • Adult Price:  ¥99  
  • Children's price:  ¥99  
  • departure city: Ningbo    
  • Line type:   Self-drive    Zhejiang
  • Reservations:  0574-27655595
Highlights: Romantic Xitang, with sweet Chocolate Manor, will be a wonderland not only for lovers but also for children.
No.1: Known as “the place once you came then never consider leaving”, Xitang is a beautiful and picturesque world with blue sky, small bridge and flowing water. Much different from its calm and peace during its daytime, Xitang’s night, a world for young people, is full of energy, vitality and enthusiasm.
No.2: Afición Chocolate Manor, one of domestic tourism project based on the topic of chocolate culture, is a very place to appreciate the growth process of chocolate beans and the making procedure of chocolate.
No.3: You can also be a little dessert chef to make adorable chocolate out of your own design and bring them back home as souvenirs. It also can be a wonderful family time for your kids, improving DIY ability and experiencing harmonious relationship of family.
No.4: Afición amusing sports meet will be a wonderful opportunity to pull your team together and gain the happiness that team work brings you.



Day 1 Home – Xitang


Assemble at Xitang Home Inn, 13:30 p.m. and local professional guider will show you around to get familiar with Xitang. After check in and a short-time break, it is time for free activity! Take along your camera and explore the unique charm of this beautiful town by yourself!



Day 2: Xitang – Dayun


Assemble at the named place, 9:00 a.m. then drive to Dayun, in where Afición Chocolate Manor situated. In this manor, everybody can be a dessert chef, especially for children. Be a little dessert chef, improve DIY ability and enjoy the happiness of team work. After lunch and break, Afición amusing sports meet will be held. Until 3 p.m., trip ends and drive back home respectively.



Addition Information:

Assembly place: Xitang Home Inn
Address: Room 18 No.3 Building, Business Center, Nanyuan Road, Xitang Town, Jiashang County
Contact Number: 0573-84137777


Included Fees:

★ Fees for local hotel: Xitang Home Inn
★ Fees for included meals
★ Fees for Afición Chocolate Manor entrance ticket
★ Travel insurance against accident: 3 RMB per person per day
Package for Hotel & Included Tickets:
Under 1.1m
Market Price
YoYo Price


Excluded Fees:

★ Traffic fees (If you don’t want to drive by yourself, we can arrange cars for you only for your convenient trip.)
★ Fees for excluded activities
★ Fees for excluded services
★ Personal shopping fees


▲ We can make a customized itinerary for single group. All standards and itenaries are up to you.Prices are for reference only.



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