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China export kuajing e-commerce fair
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China export kuajing e-commerce fair


Exhibition introduction:


Comply with the trend of e-commerce

In the past decade, e-commerce has flourished; E-commerce, with its rich products, timely and convenient delivery and affordable prices, has continuously replaced traditional commerce and achieved the "golden age" of e-commerce;


Seize the opportunity of "cross-border e-commerce"

As a combination of e-commerce and import and export trade, cross-border e-commerce has begun to take shape, with an average annual growth rate of over 30% in recent years. The epidemic in 2020 blocked the flow of people, but could not block the logistics. Cross-border e-commerce ushered in a historical opportunity of explosive growth. Compared with traditional import and export trade, cross-border e-commerce has many characteristics, such as optimized intermediate links, many batches, small goods volume and many varieties, which provide a broad trading platform and development opportunities for small and medium-sized export enterprises.


Focus on the pain point of "cross-border e-commerce"

The vast number of cross-border e-commerce buyers rarely come into contact with manufacturers, and they can't exchange key information such as product design, production and logistics in depth. Many small and medium-sized export producers do not have the experience and ability of e-commerce and cannot participate in the booming cross-border e-commerce. Compared with ordinary e-commerce (domestic), cross-border e-commerce involves a series of issues such as tariffs, logistics and foreign exchange, and needs professional solutions.




Scope of exhibits:


Home decoration kitchen daily:

Household goods, kitchen utensils, daily necessities, beauty cosmetics, personal care, epidemic prevention and protection, daily cleaning, pet supplies, oil paintings and picture frames, indoor decorations, DIY products, furniture and indoor furniture, decorative materials, etc.


Gifts Gifts Stationery Wenchuang:

Holiday supplies, decorations, Christmas gifts, handicrafts, promotional gifts, gift packaging, tourism, souvenirs, writing/drawing tools, office products, wrapping paper, office equipment, folders, notebooks, cultural and creative products.


Shoes, clothing, bags, sports and fitness:

Men's and women's wear, children's wear, underwear, luggage, curtains, household textiles, fashion shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, sandals and slippers, accessories, glasses, home/outdoor fitness clothing, equipment, sports and fitness products, etc.


Hardware tools gardening outdoor:

Hardware tools, gardening supplies, outdoor furniture, garden equipment, sunshade equipment, weeding equipment, irrigation equipment, barbecue equipment, small machinery, pipeline equipment, locks, anti-theft and alarm products, automobile maintenance tools, auto parts, etc.


3C digital home appliance lighting:

3C digital, intelligent products, small household appliances, electronic display frequency, wall clock, watch, personal electronic products, lighting products, lamps and lanterns, kitchen appliances, massagers, home office products, intelligent products, digital entertainment products, audio, power products, electronic security and so on.


Food toys, maternity products:

Ball and inflatable toys, baby toys, children's toys, educational/educational toys and games, electronic toys, plush toys, mechanical toys, action toys, riding toys; Baby toys, cribs, cradles and baby bedding, stroller straps, gift sets, care products, snack foods, biscuits, noodles, condiments, halogen products, health foods, alcohol, drinks, tea, etc.


Live broadcast industry: live broadcast platform, live broadcast equipment and live broadcast supporting facilities.

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