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Recommended by key exhibitions in Vietnam
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Recommended by key exhibitions in Vietnam


1. Vietnam International Textile and Clothing Industry Exhibition Introduction: The exhibition has been successfully held for 18 sessions and is one of the largest textile and garment industry exhibitions in Vietnam. Market overview: [Vietnam's cloth and ingredients market has great potential] In 2018, Vietnam's textile and garment exports reached US$ 28 billion, accounting for 17% of Vietnam's total merchandise exports in this period. Vietnam will be able to achieve the planned target of exporting 30 billion US dollars of textiles this year. This is mainly due to the good textile market information forecast carried out by Vietnamese textile manufacturers, their efforts to consolidate foreign markets and enter new markets. In 2019, it will be able to export 30 billion US dollars of textiles, an increase of 10%~12% compared with this year. Among them, the EU, the United States and Japan are still important markets for Vietnamese textile exports, accounting for 80% of the total textile exports. Last year, Vietnam Garment and Textile Group predicted that by 2019, the export value of the whole industry will reach 35 billion US dollars, and it will become the main export department of Vietnam.




Scope of participation:


Fiber yarn: cotton, silk, wool, hemp, spandex, Tencel, polyester cotton, polyester, acetic acid, nylon, polyester viscose ...

Noodle accessories: woven, knitted, denim, polyester, microfiber, velvet, Button buttons, zippers, labels, shoulder pads ...


Others: artificial fur, artificial leather, grey cloth, embroidery ...


Textile and garment machinery equipment and accessories: spinning, weaving, knitting, printing and dyeing, sewing, ironing equipment, CAD/CAM; Leather machinery and accessories, shoemaking machinery and accessories.


Chemical dyes: enzymes, auxiliaries, dyes, etc.


2. Vietnam International Fashion Expo


Highlights of the exhibition: Vietnam's oldest clothing and apparel trade exhibition, Vietnam's clothing industry localization operation exhibition and trade platform, Vietnam's brand clothing and apparel joint promotion event, Vietnam's import and export clothing and apparel intensive procurement exchange, and China-Vietnam clothing and apparel business opportunity matching professional first exhibition.


Market Overview: At present, Vietnam is the fifth largest OEM exporter and the third largest production base of textiles, garments and accessories in the world. There are nearly 10,000 enterprises engaged in textiles, garments, shoes, bags and accessories, with a direct employment of 2.5 million people, accounting for 25% of printing and dyeing weaving and accessories enterprises, 60% of garment factories and 15% of shoes, bags and accessories enterprises. The domestic production rate of raw and auxiliary materials for Vietnamese clothing, shoes and bags is only 20-30%, and most of them are imported from China (about 48% of the total imports), South Korea, Taiwan Province and other countries and regions.


At the end of 2015, the tariffs on clothing and footwear trade among the ten countries of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will be reduced to zero, and the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement will come into effect in early 2018. In the next five years, Vietnam's textile and footwear industry will expand its exports and consume huge energy for raw materials. It is estimated that by 2020, the export volume of Vietnam's textile and shoe luggage manufacturing industry will reach 50 billion US dollars.



Scope of exhibits:


Clothing and fashion category: outdoor and sportswear, fashionable women's wear, fashionable men's wear, customized/business casual wear, household clothing, knitted clothing, down clothing, silk clothing, leather clothing, fur clothing, wedding dresses/dresses, underwear, children's wear, infant clothes, maternity clothes, home textiles, textile accessories, etc.


Clothing accessories: bags, leather goods, handbags, shoes, hats/gloves, scarves/ties, scarves/hats, sunglasses/umbrellas, fashion accessories, jewelry, models, accessories, etc.


Clothing fabric accessories: cotton, linen, silk/silk-like, wool/wool-like, chemical fiber, knitting, functional fabrics, printed fabrics, lace embroidery and other fabrics; Accessories such as interlining, lining, lace, zipper, thread tape, reflective material, sewing thread, signs, buttons, trademarks, etc. Cotton, wool, silk, hemp yarn, regenerated and synthetic fiber yarn, special fiber yarn, elastic yarn, fancy yarn, etc.


Two-way cooperation: new technology/new materials/new products, project investment, OEM/ODM cooperation, brand franchise chain distribution, joint production, etc.




Textile raw materials;


Textile and chemical industry;


Machinery and industrial collocation products;



3. Vietnam International Sporting Goods and Sports Fashion Trade Fair


Introduction: Vietnam Sports Expo is a national professional sporting goods exhibition organized by Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade and supported by Vietnam Ministry of Sports and Culture.


Market Overview: Since the normalization of Sino-Vietnamese relations, the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has developed rapidly, and the bilateral trade volume has increased by 82 times in the past nine years. Now Vietnam needs a large number of products from China's sporting goods industry. The EU of Vietnam is currently completing the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which will be implemented in 2019. Since China has not yet entered into relevant free trade arrangements with the EU, and enterprises enjoy preferential tariffs on European products through the Vietnam-Europe Free Trade Agreement, China enterprises should seize this opportunity and use Vietnam as the gateway to enter the EU market.





Scope of exhibits:


Sports fitness equipment and accessories


Nutrition and fitness life


Outdoor sporting goods


Sports functions (racket/ball and indoor sports/team sports, etc.)




Fabrics and accessories


Venue facilities


recreation equipment


Construction and floor



4. Vietnam International Trade Fair


Introduction: Vietnam's "Canton Fair" import and export trade name exhibition.


Market overview: Vietnam International Trade Fair is directly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, and held once a year in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which is one of the two largest, most influential and most internationalized fairs in Vietnam.


Vietnam Trade Expo has attracted great attention from the Vietnamese government and all walks of life, and its influence in Vietnam is equivalent to that of the Canton Fair in China. Compared with European and American countries, China's goods are cheap and good, coupled with convenient geographical advantages, the more China's goods are generally accepted by the Vietnamese market, and "Made in China" is very popular in Vietnam.



Scope of participation:


Technology: industrial manufacturing equipment, mining equipment, power and energy, chemical environmental protection, textile and leather, building materials decoration, home furniture, food processing, information and communication, printing and packaging, chemical plastic technology equipment and products, etc.


Consumer categories: household appliances and consumer electronics, luggage and leather goods, glasses and clocks, stationery and office supplies, gifts and crafts, fashion and clothing, household items, fitness and leisure products, outdoor equipment and supplies for tourism and other comprehensive trade import and export products;


Project category: industrial transfer, park cooperation, project investment, technology transfer, service trade, joint production, new product release, chain operation, etc.

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