Hangzhou Cycling Trip
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  • Line type:   East China    Ningbo
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In this tour, I will not only bring you to cycle around the legendary West Lake in Hangzhou, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou ( one of the most beautiful cities in China). In addition, you will also gain a green travel service by join us of hiking, cycling, tenting and pick tea-leaves.
From now on, together with U Tour, have a date with history, culture and scenery of south of the Yangtze River.
Day 1: Home -- Hangzhou
Assemble at named place, then transferred to Hangzhou, which is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in China.
Today, you will rent a bike and cycle around the picturesque West Lake, which is said to be created from a pearl dropped by a phoenix and a dragon, and proclaimed by the Chinese "the landscape composed by a painter".

Then, head to the Lingyin Temple, the biggest Buddhist Temple in the southern China. Take beautiful photos as a souvenir.

After lunch, you can pitch a tent along West Lake, enjoy sunshine and gentle breeze to get away from the hustle and bustle of city. You can also fly a kite or have a pleasant chat with your friend in that peaceful moment.

No tour to Hangzhou is complete without going to the Dragon Well Tea Plantation. The first picked tea leaves of the new harvest were once reserved solely for the Emperor and transported to him via the Grand Canal in ancient China.

In the afternoon, back to your warm home and transfer to your hotel.
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