Thousand Islet Lake Two Days’ Trip
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★ The Underground River is the No.1 Chinese cruise through cave waterfall, which is really popular both at home and aboard.
★The Thousand Islet Lake is the best place for cyclists to go biking.
★ The Thousand Islet Lake is the lake that contains the most islets.

Day 1 Home—Underground River—Thousand Islet Lake
In the morning, drive by yourself to the underground river, which is popular both at home and abroad. It is of 2,500 meters long and covers an area of 25,000 square meters. Along the river, you’ll see three different and special sections, namely Yongxue Cave, Time Tunnel and Yulu Cave, which are typical results of different periods during the development of the Karst Cave. It is hard to figure out where this consistent underground river begins, with a total length of more than one thousand meters. Winters warm and summers cool, the temperature in the cave is maintained at 18 degrees. Traveling along it by boat, you may have a feeling of being in a fairyland.
The Yulu Cave, grand and spacious, is filled with various and delicate stalactites, stalagmites and stone curtains. And the Time Tunnel, full of strange stones and amazing scenes, deserves appreciation and science study.
Next, drive to the Thousand Islet Lake. It’s a good choice to rent a bike and ride around leisurely in the afternoon. Then check in the hotel.

Day 2 Thousand Islet Lake—Home
After your breakfast, you can tour around the central part of the Thousand Islet Lake. The lake is named so because there are 1,078 islets in the lake. And with an area of 573 square kilometers and a volume of 17.8 billion cubic meters, this lake is 4 times of Taihu Lake and 3000 times of the West Lake. Known as the most beautiful lake in the world, the water is so clean that you are sure to see nine to twelve meters when looking inside. And in the central part, you can visit Houdao, Meifeng, Yuledao, Longshandao and Yueguangdao. Then go back to your warm home.

Hotel Recommendation:
Yuehu Holiday Apartment
The apartment is located by the appealing lakeside. On its left, you can find a highway, which leads to the urban areas. And on its right, it is the Thousand Islet Lake Bridge, whose starting point is only five minutes’ drive from the apartment
In this apartment, every room is equipped according to the standard, with a room-area between 50 and 80 square meters. And in order to be environment-friendly, the rooms are decorated by American-style log furniture, and the showers in the bathrooms are really comfortable. In addition, most of the rooms face the lake and every room has its own balcony, from which you can catch a clear view, including the clean water, blue sky, attractive gardens and beautiful mountains. So this place is really your best choice for living and enjoying scenes. Besides, both ground and underground parking lots are available for self-driving tourists.

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▲ This schedule is for self-driving travels, so we only provide the hotel and entrance tickets. If you have other questions, you are welcomed to contact us, and we will provide you a personal design

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