Dongqian Lake Cycling Trip
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Cycling around Zhejiang largest natural freshwater lake -- Dongqian Lake

Visiting the extensive exhibition park of carved stone art -- Stone-carving Park 

Day 1: Dongqian Lake
Assemble at named place and drive to Stone-carving Park, located besides Dongqian Lake, at the junction of Water Village and Henjie Village. Surrounded by green mountains and covering an area of 6.64 hectare, Stone-carving Park is known as a fairy land of Chinese traditional geomantic culture. The carved-stone artworks in the park mainly consists of the Southern Song Dynasty works , partly with some works of Ming and Qing Dynasty, which features accurate appearance, expressive face and varied in size and shape.

After lunch, cycling around Dongqian Lake begins.
Dongqian Lake, also named Qian Lake or Wanjin Lake, is the largest freshwater lake in Zhejiang province. Consisting of Guzi Lake, Mei Lake and external lake, totally 45 kilometers around the whole lake which is 4 times larger than West Lake in Hangzhou, Dongqian Lake once known as “ the first lake of East China” and also glorified by Guo Moruo “ as beautiful as West Lake, as awe-inspiring as Tai Lake”.

The cycling route around Dongqian consists of the bigger one, totally 45KM and costing about 3 hours and the smaller one, totally 20KM.
Along the whole way, you will enjoy charming nature scenery and fascinating sights. you can stop as you want and take some photos as a memory.

After cycling, take a group photo as a souvenir and go back your warm home. Service ends.

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