Ningbo Historical One Day’s Trip
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  • departure city: Ningbo    
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Duration: 1 Day
Destination: Ningbo

♦ The oldest private library of Asia -- Tianyi Pavilion
♦ A melting pot of Ningbo ancient culture and mordern leisure -- Drum Tower Historic Street
♦ The landmark building of ancient Ningbo -- Tianfeng Pagoda, where you can have a bird-eye-view of Ningbo
♦ Rambling in Nantang Ancient Street to look for the authentic and unique Ningbo flavor

Day 1: Ningbo
Assemble at the named place and pay a visit to oldest existing private library of China and Asia-- Tianyi Pavilion Library, which is also regarded as one of world’s three oldest libraries keptby a family. With over 300 thousand collection of highly-valued ancient books and documents, occupied 26 thousand square meters, Tianyi Pavilion has been reputed to be the "city of books in South China" for centuries.

Afterwards, head for Drum Tower Ancient Street to have a lunch. Drum Tower, which has survived 1100 years of dramas and upheavals, is now the only one existing ruins of ancient Ningbo city. As a formal establishment symbol of city, it is also one of ancient buildings in national key cultural relics protection list. You can come to the top of the tower to command a spectacular view of the bustling and hustling in the streeet below.

After lunch and a short rest, visit Tianfeng Tower, the highest ancient building in Ningbo downtown and a landmark of Ancient Ningbo. As a typical patter of Tang Dynasty pagoda and similar to Suzhou Dual Tower, Tianfeng Tower is a in memory of the enthronization of Empress Wu, with characteristic of hexagonal prism, multichamber, cornice and pointed roof. As time goes by and after many reconstruction, gradually it becomes a brick tower with pointed roof.

Late in the afternoon, go to Nantang Ancient Street, once the business and culture gathering place in Ningbo history, ranks among the eight famous historic district in Ningbo. With a integrity preservation of 500 meters traditional street and a perfect wedge of historical charm, architectual characteristics and celebrity culture, Nantang Ancient Street is a perfect reappearance of Ningbo people’s trading, bargain and daily routines for centuries. And now it already become a wonderland of foodies. Along both sides of the whole street are various kinds of authentic Ningbo specialties and you can try everything to your heart’s content.

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