Travel to Harbin
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  • departure city: Ningbo    
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Day 1 Ningbo—Harbin
Living in Harbin
Assemble at named place and come to the Ningbo Airport. And then fly to Harbin. The guide will meet you at the Taiping International Airport and take you to the hotel.
For its strong western culture, Harbin is called the eastern Mexico and eastern Paris. It is settled by many Russians, and the delicious Russian food and beautiful Russian girls have become its feature.
Day 2 Harbin—Yabuli                                                                                                                                                                                             B, L, D
Living in YaBuLi
After breakfast, you’ll go to visit the biggest Eastern Orthodox Church in the Far East—Hagia Sophia. Built in 1903, you can walk along the exotic Central Street and visit the landmark of Harbin—Flood Control Monument. Then you’ll go to the biggest Asian international skiing center—Yabuli Skiing Resort, which was the field for the snow competitions of the 24th Winter Universiade.
Day 3 Yabuli—Snow Town                                                                                                                                                                                     B, L, D
Dwelling Place: local farmhouses
After breakfast, you’ll first have two hours to experience the excitement and fun of skiing and then take the bus to the Shuangfeng Forest Farm, where there is the highest snowfall and the purest snow. Along the way, you can appreciate forests and snowfields, and take photos of the birch wood. After your arrival, you can look around by yourself, taking photos and having fun.
Day 4 Snowtown—Harbin                                                                                                                                                                                       B, L, D
Dwelling Place: Harbin
After breakfast, you can go to explore the beauty and charm of this Snow Town freely, and experience the features of southeastern farm.
Then go back to Harbin by bus.
Day 5 Harbin—Ningbo                                                                                                                                                                                                     B
After breakfast, you’ll go back to Ningbo by air and your joyful tour to the southeast is over.
Introductions to main scenic spots:
Hagia Sophia: With the deep exotic atmosphere, it is a special scenic spot in Harbin. This construction has suffered a lot during the history, and it represents the evidence of the Russian Empire’s invasion. On its top, the onion-like dome shows the typical style of Russian buildings. And its grandness can rivals the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Mexico.

                                                 Hagia Sophia                                                                                               the Central Street
The Central Street: It is the broadest and longest pedestrian street in Asia, and now it is the most prosperous business street in Harbin. Everywhere along the street, you can find and admire European-style buildings. For it needs hundreds of years to form such an architectural style, this Central Street then becomes the most famous street in the Far East. Known as the First Street, its special European-style constructions, row upon row of excellent malls, various rest zones and diverse cultural lives make it an eye-catching spot.
Yabuli Skiing Resort: It is the biggest skiing field in China and the largest comprehensive snow training centre. Well equipped, this skiing field contains 11 ski slopes for junior, middle and senior learners. Besides, a 5-kilometer annular cross-country ski run and special runs for snow motor and sleds are available there, together with three hanging-chair cableways, three towing cableways and one lift cableway.

                                                                                                     Yabuli Skiing Resort 
Snow Town: Located in Changting, Hailin, Heilongjiang, its formal name is Shuangfeng Forest Farm and it belongs to Dahailin Forestry Bureau. With a seven-month snow term and frequent snowfalls, this place is of the most snows in China. And the good texture of snow and its high viscidity win this place the title of Chinese Snow Town. Besides, the national ski training base—Bayi ski team is right there, which has fostered many excellent world class skiers for this country.

                                                                                                           Snow Town
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