Travel to Chongqing
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Day 1: Ningbo—Chongqing                                    
Living in Chongqing
Pack up your luggage and fly to Chongqing, which is called the mountain city, the furnace and the foggy city. There is not only magnificent natural scenery, including mountains, water, forests, springs, falls, canyons and caves, but also deep cultural atmosphere, containing Ba Yu culture, national culture, immigrant culture, San Xia culture, capital culture and modern culture.
On your arrival, please check in the hotel.
Day 2: Chongqing—Wu Long—Chongqing                       
Living in Chongqing
You’ll set off at about 8:30 and go to Wu Long Fairy Mountain to explore the National Forest Park, which is also named the Eastern Switzerland. With an altitude of 1,900 meters, you can enjoy the boundlessness of the forests and grasslands. With sufficient oxygen, vast forest, green grass, herds of cattle and flocks of sheep, the forest park shows the primitive natural scenes of the Fairy Mountain. Also, amusements with additional charges such as horse-riding, grass-skating, go-kart and shooting are available there. And you can take as many photos here as you like.
After lunch, you need to change the bus in the town of the Fairy Mountain, and go together to visit the the famous and magnificent Three Natural Bridges, which is the only location of the movie Curse of the Golden Flower filmed by Zhang Yimou in 2006 and one of the World Geological Wonders. The pits and bridges naturally connected, the world’s biggest natural bridges and second biggest natural pits set finely off each other. In addition, it’s a good chance for seeing the shooting places and the ancient station of Tang Dynasty which was reconstructed with an investment of 2 million CNY.
At night, you can travel around Chongqing freely. And there is a saying that you cannot say you’ve visited Chongqing without seeing the night scenes.

                           National Forest Park of the Fairy Mountain                                                                          Three Natural Bridges
Day 3: Chongqing—Ningbo     
Today you can sleep until your body clock rings, and if you haven’t taste the chafing-dish, just go and enjoy it. Then take all your baggage, go to the airport and come home for the approaching Monday!
Suggestions for night scenes in Chongqing
Two rivers near the Chaotianmen: the night scenery of Chongqing, together with that of Chicago, Hong Kong and Singapore, is called World Four Nights. You’ll board at the port at 19:00 and go to see the scene named Zi Shui Xiao Deng, which is one of the famous 12 Ba Yu scenes. The beautiful city lights and the lights reflected in the river set off each other, making this special night view. At the point where Jialing River and Yangtze River meet, there are bridges like rainbows lying above the river and connecting the South and North. On the Yuzhong peninsula, there are row upon row of tall buildings of different heights, which cause cubic effects. The lights of the Chongqing Theater contrast finely with the lights of the stilted buildings of Hongyadong, which are really soft and beautiful when reflected in the Jialing River. And the light bands on the bank, flickering and flowing freely, must make you feel amazed and joyful.
PS: The departure time of the boat will be changed according to the weather and season.

                                           Night view of two rivers                                                                                       Yangtze River Cableway

Yangtze River Cableway: Constructed in October, 1987, it is the second cableway in Chongqing that crossing the Yangtze River, which is also named the first aerial corridor of the Yangtze River. This cableway starts from the Chang’an Temple, Yuzhong District and is up to Shangxin Street, Nan’an District, with a total length of 1166 meters and a daily flow of 10,500 passengers. Sitting in the cableway and looking outside, you’ll see tall buildings, the Yangtze River and northern areas of the Yangtze River. On a rainy night, seeing the night scene from this cableway, you can catch a fresh, elegant and tremendous sight, which is just like a Chinese painting.
Hongyadong: Along the river and by the mountain, it is located where the Yangtze River and Jialing River meet. It is a good place for going around old streets, enjoying Bayu culture and tasting delicious food. Hongyadong is composed of four parts—the Bar Street, the Bayu-style street, the food street and the exotic city balconies. Being here, you can see stilted building on both sides of the street. And there are more than 11 floors, from the Yanjiang Road up to the Cangbai Road. With restaurants, snack streets, bars, cafeterias and shops of specialties, every floor is of different functions. And the upper floor is the exotic city balcony, where you can go directly by the elevator. Standing on the platform, you can catch a beautiful view of the Yangtze River and Jialing River. Beside it, there is a beacon tower, a bronze cannon and a famous pirate bar. All of these are sure to attract tourists.
Suggestions for delicious food in Chongqing
When it comes to Chongqing food, the most impressive one is the chafing-dish. To Chongqing people, the chafing-dish has become the basic food. Without it, life is dull, passionless and monotonous. It is derived from the bank of the Yangtze River, and was first invented by boatmen and boat trackers. Now the famous chafing-dish restaurants in Chongqing include De Zhuang, Liu Yi Shou, Qin Ma, Su Da Jie, Baxiang Yutou, Xiao Tian’e and so on. And most of them have had branches on the food street of Nanbin Road. If you cannot stand sheer hot food, then you can try the double-flavored hot pot, which contains separate clear soup and hot soup.

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