Three Day's Trip to Mount Huangshan
  • Adult Price:  ¥668  
  • Children's price:  ¥300  
  • departure city: Ningbo    
  • Line type:   East China    Anhui
  • Reservations:  0574-27655595
Day 1 Ningbo—Mount Huangshan                                                                                                                                                                          L, D
Dwelling place: local Quick Hotel
In the morning, you need to assemble at the named place and leave for Huangshan City together.
After lunch, you can travel around the Tangmo Village named as Chinese Water Garden. It is usually known as the elegant countryside and an ancient Hui-style Gallery, and is a propitious place famous for giving birth to national treasures and members of Imperial Academy. And it stills remains its ancient village style and its original look. This place is really an old village in southern Anhui, where tranquil landscape and old human scenery set finely off each other.
                                                                                                             Tangmo Village
Day 2 Mount Huangshan                                                                                                                                                                                           L, D
Dwelling place: local Quick Hotel
After breakfast, you will set off for Mount Huangshan, a World Natural and Cultural Heritage.
First you will start from Cloud Valley Temple to the Bai’e Ridge, by telpher or on foot, passing Couple Pine and Black Tiger Pine. Then you can go to the viewing platform on the Shixin Peak, seeing the Shisun Peak and Tanhai Pine. Next, it’s time for North Sea scenic resort. Then climb the Brightness apex—the second highest peak with an altitude of 1,860 meters, followed by going to the center of the Mount Huangshan—Tianhai scenic resort, where you can appreciate Haixin Pavilion, Tianhai Cangqiong and groups of mountains. After that, you may climb the Baibu Yunti, which is of more than one hundred steps. Along your way, you will see Aoyu Peak, Lotus Peak, Tiiandu Peak, and appreciate the national class pine—Guest-Greeting Pine, which is known as a guard. Then go downhill on foot from the Ciguang Pavilion and leave Mount Huangshan.
Along your way back to Huangshan City, you can admire the show of ancient Huizhou tea-making process.
In the evening, it’s time for Tunxi Old Street, which dates back to Song Dynasty and developed during Ming and Qing Dynasties as a center for spreading and collecting goods.

                    Guest-Greeting Pine                                                        Strange stones                                                      Sea of clouds

Day 3 Huizhou—Ningbo                                                                                                                                                                                           B, L
After breakfast, you will go to see the ecological Life Hall.
Then you’ll go to visit the Hui-style complex. Covering an area of 10 thousand square meters, this garden refines various ancient Hui-style buildings and collects the best residences of Huiland during the Qing and Ming dynasties.
After lunch, it’s time for your warm homes.

                              Strange stones                                                             Hot spring                                                         Brocken bow
 This schedule is only for reference and might be adjusted if unexpected things occur. 
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Air-conditioned touring bus & special transporting bus
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D1 L, D, D2 B (if the departure time is early, then please bring packed food)
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Insurance against accidents (3 Yuan per person per day)
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